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Mental TeleHealth Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ascendant Health?

Ascendant Health is a mental telehealth group practice connecting clients with state-licensed mental health therapists via HIPPA-compliant, synchronous Mental Telehealth Video Sessions, as well as HIPPA-compliant, asynchronous Private Unlimited Therapeutic Messaging (e.g., Text Therapy). Our therapists are dedicated to creating safe environments for our clients to process their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, while helping them reach their mental health treatment goals and objectives.

What are Mental Telehealth Video Sessions?

What is Text Therapy?

Are Ascendant Health’s Mental Telehealth Video Sessions and Text Therapy secure?

What do I talk to/message my therapist about?

Are Ascendant Health’s therapists licensed?

If my therapist and I don’t match well, can I get a different Ascendant Health therapist?

Can I call or Skype my therapist?

Does Ascendant Health take health insurance?

How does Ascendant Health handle emergencies? What if I am in crisis?

Is the Ascendant Health platform only available in English?

What web browsers are supported by Ascendant Health?